What To Expect Here


So what is this blog all about?

Well, I’ve been making and selling my soaps, lip balms and lotion bars in my Etsy Shop for some time now and I also sell them at a local farmer’s market in the summer.  I’ve been thinking for years how much I would love to have an actual, physical, brick-and-mortar store where I could stock all kinds of things that I’m passionate about – Real Food, my soaps and balms, honey from our bees, cloth diapers, herb plants, emergency supplies, and books, books and more books.  Homeschooling books.  Breastfeeding books.  Cookbooks.  Livestock books.  Knitting pattern books.  Books to buy and books to borrow.  Comfy chairs.  It would be like a library in there!

I would chat with customers about their gardens and teach cooking classes.  I would encourage the new mom who is feeling overwhelmed and offer tips on grocery shopping.  I could teach kids about keeping chickens!  Ah…if I only had a real store.


Then, one day, I thought, “Wait.  I can do all of that through a blog!”

Ok – I realize that this is not really as cozy as a friendly neighborhood general store but pour yourself a glass of tea, pull up a comfy chair and hang around a while.  As you read this blog, imagine the two of us chatting on a sunny day at the farmer’s market or hanging around the store sniffing soaps and candles.

Most of my posts will be about our day-to-day life in the country:  keeping animals, gardening, homeschooling, eating real food and wrangling kids.  I’ll write about things I’ve learned and things I’m still working on…because that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?  Learning, sharing, encouraging and inspiring each other.  I hope you are encouraged here and I hope you’ll hang around, if only to keep me company.  I’d get lonely virtually standing around this virtual store by myself all day. 🙂

Thanks for visiting, y’all come back!

~ Kelly


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